Dedicated Quality and Compliance Support for Education

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Developing your business and contacts is critical to allowing you to focus on OFSTED requirements.

Educational Compliance assists with ESFA requirements, allowing you to focus on a strategically aligned plan to meet all of your funding requirements.

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Quality Assurance

Associate Packages

Our Gold an Silver service packages offer Associates two levels of Quality and Compliance support.

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Service Package
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Learner data uploaded to ESFA using PICs MIS system
  • Management of non-levy employer contribution payments
  • Learner co-horts uploaded to DAS
  • ESFA Error reports addressed and rectified
  • Data storage
  • Contract monitoring visits
  • Access to Education Compliance Documentation
  • Creation and Provision of compliance documentation for Learner enrolments
  • ERN applications uploaded to ERN website/generation of ERN number
  • Learner Record Service checks and Personal Learner Record report generation
  • Compliance documentation training sessions for Trainers/ Quality Teams
  • Compliance documentation checks; starts/ achievers/ withdrawals/ breaks in learning
  • Provision of non-compliance reports on submission of compliance documentation
  • ESFA Compliance audits on 10% of Learner documentation annually
  • On-going ESFA compliance advise throughout the learner journey
  • Ofsted observations on delivery staff to support continuous improvement and Ofsted requirements
  • Provision of monthly data reports; continuing/ withdrawals/ BIL/ Achievements/ financial forecasts
  • Provision of monthly achievement data QAR reports
  • Monitoring & Provision of Safeguarding/ Equality & Diversity/ Prevent staff Training
  • Progress Review timely Completion Monitoring
  • On-going Progress Review Quality Feedback
  • OTJ hours monitoring report
  • Use of Awarding Body; centre, registration, booking of exams
  • ESFA Financial Audit Support
  • Access to BKSB Initial Assessment & learning resources
  • Collection of progression/destination data and production of reports


Includes full Silver Package plus:
  • Support to set up DAS accounts with employers
  • Creation and Provision of compliance documentation for Learner enrolments
  • Electronic sign up of learners
  • Electronic Learner progression monitoring process
  • Access to E-portfolio
  • ESFA compliance rules training/ consultancy
  • Invigilation of exams